Thursday, July 23, 2009

Infinite Seoul Dream Concert Contest

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey! Say! CONTEST Regarding Changes & Updates

Hey! Say! CONTEST has been getting a lot of notice! Thank you everyone! But not as many entries as we wanted! We want to reach at least 100! So in order to reach that I've decided to extend the deadline to August 15th! Hopefully, that's enough time for people to make more entries!

Also for the prizes. I was only able to obtain DCT, Your Seed, & MnSB Limited Edition. Ultra Music Power Limited Edition CD will be replaced not to worry! I deeply apologize as I could not get my hands on the first single. If you are the winner I will inform you what I will replace it with.

Truly sorry for the inconvenience! Please keep sending in entries and show your support!

Kari's Tired Of Updating?

It's harder than you think to update. So maybe I'll take a break a little longer than expected.

I blog about idols I admire, for the pure truth that they all inspire me. Many of you know it's my own dream to make my debut within a girl group. (Whether under a Korean or Japanese label I'm still unable to decide). I would love to audition somewhere, but truthfully I just don't have the transportation to attend them.

I appreciate that there are the few people that truly support my dream. I guess updating news on latest idols has me wanting to stop because I want to be in their position as well. I'll do my best to update ASAP, until then I'll be practicing!

Minho Shows His Love For MJ

In recent Vogue photoshoot tribute to Micheal Jackson, SHINee member Minho was dressed by Ha SangBaek.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oricon Mid Year Album Sales Ranking For 2009

Here are the Top 10 sales figures:

1. Mr Children - "Supermarket Fantasy" (1.2 million)
2. Exile - "Exile Ballad Best" (807k)
3. Dreams Come True - "Do Your Dreams come true?" (632k)
4. Reiorome - "Remio Best" (471k)
5. Ikimono-Gakari - "My Song Your Song" (404k)
6. Koda Kumi - "Trick" (385k)
7. Ayumi - "Next Level" (363k)
8. RADWIMPS - "Arutokorni no Teiri" (314k)
9. Unicorn - "Shamble" (250k)
10. TVXQ / Tohoshinki - "The Secret Code" (248k)

Big congrats to Mr Children, Exile, & Dreams Come True(!) for continuing to prove that they are the best that Japan has to offer! Also a special congrats to a couple of my personal favorites Koda Kumi & Ayumi!

This is quite the big news in Korean Entertainment (& Japan) for TVXQ to have reached the top 10. I love the guys and all, but I myself am surprised. Considering they are the only non-Japanese group to have made it to the top 10! (Though their album "Share The World/We Are made it to 15th place). Amazing job guys! Keep on making us proud!

In Other News Of The Rankings:
-KAT-TUN had 237,000 sales for "Break the Records -by you & for you-"
-Utada had 228,000 sales for "This is The One."
-BoA who released a combo "Best Album and American Debut album" was ranked 25th with a sales figure of 131,000.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jasmine Will Be Bigger Than Any Other Artist

She's often referred to as the next Utada Hikaru, but not much else is known about her. The nationwide media has shown barely a glimpse of young singer Jasmine (20), but her single "Sad to Say" has already topped the digital download charts. It's being reported as the first time an artist has reached No.1 on the charts before making their official debut, which Jasmine did a week later on June 24. The song hasn't even benefited from a TV commercial tie up, and its success has been mostly through online viral marketing and the comparisons with Utada. She also wrote her own songs from the start and did all her pre-debut promotions only on the radio. Jasmine says she considers Utada a big influence but was first inspired to become a singer at the age of 13 after seeing a gospel choir perform at the US military base in Yokota. She dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and passed an audition with Sony Music a year later. She has since performed in clubs and appears every Thursday on the J-Wave radio station. No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from this young singer.

It's not just the way she looks that is getting attention. (Though it did make me think, Lady Gaga)? The song is just pure talent. I really love her voice! She's definately become a new idol for me! (Although is it ironic that I just finished Sophmore year)? She undoubtedly has the talent and rhythm to reach the top (as she already has) but how long can she hold onto the popularity (of being a newcomer)? Personally, her voice really does remind me of that of Utada Hikaru. Wouldn't it be awesome if they did a duet together? Two amazing voices in one performance! (Let's hope!)

Go Jasmine!

Genie Isn't Just A Last THREE Letter Change At The End Of Gee

It's also selling 3 times faster!
It is said that So Nyeo Shi Dae’s new song ‘Tell me Your Wish’ is faster selling as compared to their previous hit ‘Gee’ released earlier this year.

According to Hanteo, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has sold over 24K copies offline in just 2 days into its release. Back then with the song ‘Gee’, So Nyeo Shi Dae managed to sell over 23K copies only after 1 week into its release.

The girls are also hitting the 100K mark for all their 3 albums released, a sales volume that even the country’s best male idol group will find it hard to achieve.

It seems that the song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is gaining popularity faster than ‘Gee’, the song went up to realtime chart at #1 on the day of its release on 22nd June.

The song then went up to #6 immediately on 23rd June on music charts, ‘Gee’ had went up to #10 positions on music charts on first time back then. And right now the song is up #1 on various music charts, bringing back the So Nyeo syndrome.