Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hey! Say! CONTEST was started by Kari (DaDevilBesideYou on YouTube) as a way to spread Hey! Say! JUMP love all around the world.
Entries will be judged by Kari and specially chosen secret judges.
This was purely made in hopes that Hey! Say! JUMP will gain more popularity worldwide.
The contest begins on June 7, 2009 and ends on August 30, 2009
Prizes include: All of Hey! Say! JUMP's limited edition CDs.
(Ultra Music Power, Dreams Come True, Your Seed, & Mayonka no Shadow Boy)

[Graphic Credit: Noshiki]

Want to join?
Then Please Read!

-Anyone from around the world can join.
(Regardless of age or gender)
-You may only make ONE entry.
-All Entries MUST have the picture above [The official Hey! Say! CONTEST graphic] in the beginning of your video for a few seconds.
-All Entries MUST be a video response to Hey! Say! CONTEST OR
messaged to DaDevilBesideYou titled "Hey! Say! Contest" with the link within the message.
[Please DO NOT do both!]
-You are NOT allowed to ask about the progress of judging!
Such as: "Have you seen my video yet?" or "Who are you considering?"
-Do NOT make fake accounts in order to increase your chance of winning as you will automatically be disqualified.

--We expect you to follow all of these rules!--



1) Make a video of yourself doing any of the following:
-Singing a Hey! Say! JUMP song
(Fan covers & groupdubs are both accepted.
But please understand that if you choose to do a groupdub
you'll need to pick a representative to accept the prize)
-Dancing to a Hey! Say! JUMP song
(This does not have to be limited to just singles, you can also copy any dance they have done in a concert)
-Re-enact a scene from a drama any Hey! Say! JUMP member has performed in
(This can be in your own language)
-Make artwork of Hey! Say! JUMP
[of the members/a support poster/their names/etc.]
(Just be sure to record yourself drawing it/making it on your computer so we have proof that it is really yours)
-Make a video of Hey! Say! JUMP
[Slideshow, OPV, Fan PV, etc.]
(Use any Hey! Say! JUMP Clips, Pictures, etc. & You are NOT limited to only using Hey! Say JUMP songs!)
-Anything else
that we didn't mention of that shows your support for Hey! Say! JUMP?
Please message your idea to: DaDevilBesideYou

2) Put the Official Graphic in the First Few Seconds of Your Video
(We need to know that your video is directly being used for this contest)

3) Upload the Video to YouTube
(Only these video entries will be accepted)

4) Post the Video as a Video Response to Hey! Say! CONTEST OR messaged to DaDevilBesideYou titled "Hey! Say! Contest" with the link within the message.
[Please DO NOT do both!]



Can we sing, dance, draw, make a video, AND act?
Feel free to do as many things as you want.

How long can the video be?
10 minutes or less because YouTube can't upload anything bigger than that.

When will we know who wins?
Kari plans on announcing who the winner is by posting about it on her blog. & Featuring the video the winner made

How will I know you saw my video?
You won't. Please trust that we WILL watch every video submitted.
This is in order to make it fair and unknown to what order we saw the videos.

How will I know if I won?
We will message you immediately after we've reached a verdict.

Do I have to tell you my personal information?
That is not necessary. No need to even tell us your name. Although if you are the winner we will ask for your address and such so Kari can mail you the prizes.


Don't want to join but support the cause?

Then please help us spread the news! Post it on your own blog, forum, profile, YouTube video, or any other account you may have! & Be sure to post the official Hey! Say! CONTEST graphic [posted above] in your own post as well!
Please also credit that this was started by Kari (DaDevilBesideYou)
as she worked hard to come up with the idea of this contest.



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